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You probably already know about our casino if you're a gamer! Cbet.gg provides outstanding entertainment and thousands of state-of-the-art games to players all over the world. One of our biggest hits: Cbet JetX. This crash game keeps on attracting new users! The Cbet team will tell you all about this exceptional mini-game.

Min. Bet$0.1
Max. Bet$1,000
Max. Win$10,000
Cbet JetX - Play our EXCLUSIVE crash game now!

Cbet JetX - Play our EXCLUSIVE crash game now!

We were honored to introduce our latest creation to our players on January 24, 2019. Cbet JetX arrived on the market to become a global hit and a reference in next-generation gaming. We quickly realized that we needed to update our collection and offer new possibilities to our users! Jet X was an obvious choice for our teams: this game is not like a slot machine, a table game or any other casino game.

JetX Cbet is the result of weeks of work by our development teams. In collaboration with Smartsoft Gaming, were able to build an intuitive game with a quick interface that truly disrupts the industry. It's very easy to play our mini-game: you place a bet, a fighter plane takes off into the sky, and you have to make a cashout before it explodes! Since its release, a huge number of publishers and casinos have been trying to reproduce the "Rocket Game" we launched. That's rather flattering!

📅 Release dateJanuary 24, 2019
🟢 Minimum bet0.10 $
🔴 Maximum bet100 $
🏆 Maximum win$10 000
🚀 VolatilityVariable
📈 RTP97%

🚀 Discover a new generation game

If you're a casino player, we're sure that Cbet JetX will introduce you to a whole new side of this universe! Our exclusive mini-game features a unique gameplay that redefines the rules. Every time the silver rocket takes off, you join an exciting multiplayer game! These new-generation games by JetX Cbet have a large community who can talk though a Live Chat.

JetX is one of the biggest names in the mini-game crash category. Our teams enjoyed seeing that some of our players now call it the "Rocket Game"! Of course, a new-generation game also means a strong presence on social media. You'll see that a huge number of our users share their Cbet Jetx achievements on: Tiktok, Instagram, Telegram or Twitter (X).

💥 Experience the thrill of JetX crash

Our Cbet JetX game provides a major rush to all players who take take off. You'll quickly notice that as soon as the plane takes off, the multiplier coefficient increases exponentially as it climbs into the sky! These stressful, exhilarating and breathtaking moments make JetX the ultimate thrill for players. You might face a dilemma in a matter of seconds: cash in the $200 winnings or continue, at the risk of seeing the plane explode?

Our design and development teams created breathtaking backdrops, animations and sound effects to make your experience even more immersive. Several thousand players now play JetX Cbet games every day to hit the famous x1000 jackpot. Our "Cashout" button will be your best friend, but it can also become your greatest enemy if the plane explodes before you use it!

📱Play Cbet JetX on any mobile device

Launching a new-generation game on the market without providing the option to play on a mobile device was unthinkable for our Cbet casino team! Over 80% of our users currently use a smartphone or tablet to browse our collection and enjoy their passion. Our developers therefore integrated HTML5 technology into the software of our JetX Cbet rocket game.

This technology is the successor to Flash Mobile and has a few advantages! You can now launch our mini-game, without having to download anything, from a mobile web browser such as Safari, Chrome or even Mozilla. Of course, our JetX game will still run as fast as ever on your mobile device, and you'll still be able to react quickly and join multiplayer sessions. As you can see, you can play JetX mobile right now, whatever your screen size and operating system.

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Play Cbet JetX: Only from our casino!

Play Cbet JetX: Only from our casino!

JetX is exclusively available on our Cbet online casino! You're lucky, we're offering loads of benefits to players who decide to join us>in the silver rocket's lift-offs. Before you sign up and begin the Cbet JetX adventure, we'd still like to summarize some key points about the experience we offer.

Our benefits:

  • ⚡ Over 3 000 games available in our collection, with exclusive titles like JetX;
  • 🧨 A welcome bonus of up to $400 on your first deposit;
  • 🎉 You can bet on more than 22 sports with the same Cbet player account.

Our Cbet platform is for you, whether you're a casino fan or a sports fan. Our mission is to bring the best entertainment worlds together on one website! You can use the same balance and the same account to browse freely. Purists will also appreciate that RedRoom, Balloon, Plinko X and Crash Game are also available in our gaming range!

Bet and Win at Jetx
Cbet JetX game play

Cbet JetX game play

Only Cbet and a few Smartsoft Gaming partners currently allow you to play rocket game take-offs. Would you like more information on how each session works? Our team will explain how a JetX Cbet game is played, step by step.

1- Setting up the game

When you join an JetX game, you'll need to wait for the last multiplayer session to end before you can join the next one. As other players try to avoid the crash, you have plenty of time to place a bet or two for the next session. At Cbet, we accept amounts between $0.10 and $100 on each separate bet. Up to two bets can be simultaneously placed on our JetX crash mini game.

Here are all the possible settings on JetX:

  • 🎛️ Bet: one or two bet(s) between $0.10 and $100;
  • 🎛️ Collection : an automatic cashout amount to specify between x1.01 and x1000
  • 🎛️ Automatic: activate the cashout and automatic bet to play on all future Jet X games.

Once you checked your settings on JetX Casino, you just have to wait a few seconds before the fighter jet is launched! The Cbet teams still recommend that you be careful when activating the "Auto" button, as this will commit you for every game until you exit the software or deactivate the option.

2- Imminent take-off

The Cbet JetX game can now begin! As soon as the fighter jet starts to take off, you will see the multiplier rise little by little (in green on the screen) . The multiplier starts at x1.01 and gradually rises to a maximum potential multiplier of x1000. Meanwhile, the green "Collect" button can be activated at any time to retrieve your earnings instantly from your Cbet account. Obviously, you must be reactive, as the plane can explode and cause you to lose your entire committed stake.

Of course, if you set an automatic cashout beforehand, you have nothing to do! Our Cbet JetX software takes care of retrieving your earnings when the targeted multiplier is reached. Remember, if you placed two bets on the game, each cashout is independent. We built in this feature to allow our users to develop a few different strategies. On JetX, you simply need to exit the game before you see the "BOOM" displayed.

3- Earn on Cbet JetX

You now understand how simple and intuitive our new-generation game is. By now, you're probably wondering how much you can win on Cbet JetX. As you may have noticed, our title has a maximum bet of 2 x $100, a maximum multiplier of x1000 and a winnings cap of $10 000 per bet! Here are some examples of our users' winnings.

Best earnings on Cbet Jetx:

🎮 Users💰 Bet🚀 Mutliplier (average)🏆 Earnings
Snoop127$100x12.5$1 250
Crashmak$100x29.3$2 930
OrelSOL$10x154.2$1 542
Cbetfan_$25x198.1$4 952.5
Helloword$100x859.6$10 000
Benzegoal75$10x890$8 900
Pipouie$5x985$4 925
Pape_dio1 $x999999 $

As you can see, many users already achieved amazing results on Cbet JetX. With a simple $5 bet, user Pipouie managed to land a whopping $4,925. This win allowed her to withdraw over $4 500 and continue playing with $425 at JetX and our online casino's collection of over 3 000 games. Please note that past results do not predict future ones!

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Cbet JetX RTP: Transparency is everything

Cbet JetX RTP: Transparency is everything

Many users look carefully at JetX RTP to see if the game really has potential. And they're right! This percentage gives an indication of the publisher's and casino's margin on the total bets made by users of the game. The closer the RTP is to 100%, the more attractive it is. A 97% rate is applied to our Jet X game! For transparency reasons, we would like to give you an idea of how this RTP impacts your chances of winning.

🎯 Target multiplier📈 RTP🍀 Winning odds
x20097 %0.485 %
x100097 %0.097 %

A 3% margin on all winning odds on the JetX game is applied in the table below by Cbet Casino's editorial teams. Our platform wishes to be 100% transparent with future users by allowing them calculate their chances of winning based on the RTP applied. As you can see, the x1000 jackpot is a real challenge!

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Cbet JetX Strategy: Our team tells you everything

You want to start playing our mini-game right now, just like thousands of other players around the world, so we highly recommend that you read on! Our developers and teams have spent hours playing and can now share the best Cbet JetX strategies for free. Use them to put all the odds on your side.

Take advantage of the double bet!

Participants of every Cbet JetX game session are allowed to use two separate bets. You should definitely use this feature in your strategy! There are several options, but our teams particularly like this one: place two equal bets on JetX. For one of the bets, configure an automatic cashout at x2.00 so you can pay off your game. With the other, keep rising to the top and try to get the best multipliers! Many of our players use this Jet X strategy.

Use statistical data!

The Cbet JetX development team wanted to add a game history banner on the left-hand side of the screen. As with classic roulette, you can analyze the different multiplier coefficients that have fallen over the past several hours. JetX's statistics can help you spot opportunities to get into the game at the right time. For example, if you notice that red multipliers (below x1.50) rarely occur 4 times in a row, you can wait for a bad series to start playing.

Play responsibly, absolutely!

We love gambling at Cbet, but we also want to make sure that players are aware of the risks involved. We've noticed far too much abusive activity on JetX and other games in our range. That's why the team decided to introduce several features and actions to protect you from addiction! At Cbet, we ask you to play only for fun, and to only commit money to Jet X that you can afford to lose. In case of abuse, our customer service will not hesitate to contact you to find solutions.

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Jetx available on mobile

Jetx available on mobile

We developed JetX in direct collaboration with Smartsoft Gaming in January 2019. To conclude the full presentation of our airplane mini-game, we'd like to share the JetX review from our project manager: Nika Kalandadze.

"We immediately realized at the start of 2019 that the world of Gaming was running out of steam. So the Cbet and Smartsoft teams got together to find the best solution to offer something fresh to our users. We took a new concept and adapted it to create JetX.The development was simply fascinating, both structurally and graphically. We quickly came up with plenty of ideas to improve the concept and offer additional features to give players a lot of freedom. Today, we're proud to say that JetX is Cbet's best game yet!"

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Questions frequently asked about JetX

Jetx is a casino crash game whose goal is to cash out their bet before the jet explodes.

Jetx can be played on various online casinos and gambling websites including Casinozer and Cbet.

Yes, we have a free demo version on our website.

Some popular strategies for winning at Jetx include using the martingale system, the inverse martingale system, and setting up automatic cash outs.

Yes, Jetx is available to play on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Simply create an account on Casinozer, deposit money, and start the game.


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As a casino team focused on player satisfaction, we're well aware of players' desire to discover new games and concepts on a regular basis. That's why we've reinvented the airplane game in collaboration with SmartSoft, and now our players can experience the JetX game with confidence, enjoying the same level of security they've come to expect from our casino.